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 The form alongside is primarily for businesses and services that wish to be added to existing or newly developing apps.

Please contact us to find out if there are costs involved and what they may be (costs differ per different app and whether the app is available for FREE in the various app stores or at a costed rate).

If you have not spoken to us previously as regards the joining of an existing or newly developing app, please contact us first by using the email contact form on the CONTACT US page so we can discuss options with you first and confirm any detials or important info for you to know in this regard

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If you have already contacted us to join an existing app or a newly developing app, and need to send us your full information, please fill in the form below and submit with the required attachments as per below


Listing under first category is costed at the base rate quoted to you for the same business.  Additional categories thereafter for the same business will incur a small additional charge.